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Framed A3 portrait.

This portrait, is one of the initial creations of my artistic journey, when I was creating art merely as a therapeutic outlet. The portrait is called 'unity',  as it's multicoloured nature reminds me of humanity- a diverse group of people of all different colours and shades. Even though we may think we are divided, that is not the case in the grand scheme of things. We are together, living side by side to make this world whole; just like the colours in this portrait- coexisting side by side to make this mans face whole. 

I used to take philosophy classes in 2019. In one of these lessons, my teacher read out a quote from a philosopher from hundreds of years ago. They had said that humanity is like a symphony and each individual person is a note in that symphony with their own specific part to play to make the symphony work and play beautifully. This struck such a chord with me and has stuck with me till this day. We are all united, working together to make the world tick by playing our part in our own individuals journeys. We are one. 

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